Top 7 Benefits of Using AI in Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing enables greater synthesis of ever-growing data systems to sort useful information and make it available for practical use in business. Explore benefits of using AI in cloud computing.

Today’s information age, as well as that of the very near future, places an overwhelming amount of data and information at people’s fingertips via cloud-based computing. With tools like the Internet and massive data storage facilities located around the globe, the rate of informational exchange grows at an exponential rate.


Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology tools to harness and make useful sense of all that data. Here are the top seven benefits of using AI in cloud computing:

Enables greater synthesis of ever-growing data systems to sort useful information and make it available for practical use in business. Incoming data grows daily, and exponentially each year. AI can manage the otherwise overwhelming amounts of information to make data more useful.

Provides computer-generated analysis of reams of relevant data to produce more useful and productive information. Instead of paying a team of highly paid and highly trained analysts, firms can use AI and get the job done much faster and for less money.

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Statistics and probabilities require crunching reams of similar data over and over to produce meaningfully significant results. Those results, based on massive sample sizes, enable greater predictions of future events. No better example exists than legal sports wagering operations using AI programs to predict outcomes of future sporting events.

“Words mean something,” former President Barack Obama once famously said. He is right, and much of that meaning can come from text analytics. AI tools can read and analyze massive amounts of textual content coming from one or more source and better determine patterns and likely outcomes based on the analysis of textual data.

Digital images and videos abound, and AI tools enable operators to more quickly assess imagery and video data to analyze events and situations. It is kind of like an AI crime scene investigator analyzing imagery and video data to assess physical forces at work and better determine the causes of a potentially criminal act.
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