Supply Shortages Prevail During COVID-19 Outbreak, Restricting Growth of APAC Air Compressor Market

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As a downside of the rapid industrialization, the consumption of electricity is surging, which is leading to an increase in the emission of harmful gases from power plants.

The increasing requirement for efficient variants is also one of the reasons the APAC air compressor market growth would be the fastest in India. With the central government promoting the manufacturing sector via its Make in India initiative, a large number of production facilities are being set up.

Additionally, people here are also becoming aware of the dangers of air pollution, therefore looking at ways to minimize their energy consumption. As a result of all these factors, companies here are shunning their reciprocating compressors in favor of advanced rotary variants.

As a result, consumers are rapidly shifting to energy-efficient equipment; these not only help bring down the pollution, but also reduce the operating costs for manufacturers, by helping them save on electricity bills.

In turn, even companies who manufacture these compressors have started equipping them with internet of things (IoT), to result in better energy efficiency. Such devices monitor the delivered air volume, operating temperature, pressure, and deviation from their energy efficiency rating.

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Thus, while the rapid industrialization in the region would increase the uptake of compressors, the rising air pollutions levels would result in a high demand for rotary variants, specifically