Japan Pet Food Market Share – by Products, Forecast 2019-2025

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Taccording to the latest report by Renub Research, Japan Pet Food Market is expected to be more than US$ 4 Billion by the year 2025. Population by Animal Type (Cat, Dog, Bird, Fish, Small Mammal / Reptile). Contact a Sample Report at info@renub.com

Across the globe, Pet Humanization is on the peak. In Japan, rising Humanization, isolation factor, the ageing Japanese population are driving the Japan Pet Food market. These trends have led to a greater focus on pet health, nutrition, Pet obesity, and overall wellness. This focus on specificity is increasing the unit price of the product thereby countering the reduced volumes sales and Products recalls that may hinder the growth of this market. Japan Pet Food Market is expected to be more than US$ 4 Billion by the year 2025.

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In this report, we have studied, Japan pet owner’s behavior towards their pet, how they pamper their pets in terms of food like Dry, Wet, Treat, and Mixers and Premium products. In Japan, the population of cat sees stable growth, and slowly it exceeds dog population, the reason being the decline of dog population as they need more care than the cat’s likewise daily walk and healthcare issues. Cats considered as good companions and they are gaining popularity in densely populated regions of Japan.

We have also investigated and analyzed Pet food companies like Nestle Purnia, Mars Incorporated, Unicharm Corporation, & Royal Canin Company and their new product launches and exiting products.

Renub Research report titled “Japan Pet Food Market, Population by Animal Type (Cat, Dog, Bird, Fish, Small Mammal / Reptile) Products – Premium, Economy, Mid-priced (Food – Dry, Wet), Dog/Cat (Treats, Mixers), Distribution (Store-based Retailing, Online Selling, Veterinary Clinics), Product Launch (Type of Pet Food, Nutritional Components, Ingredients Associated, Packaging Associated) Company (Nestle Purnia, Mars Incorporated, Unicharm Corporation, & Royal Canin)” provides an all-encompassing analysis on the Japan Pet Food Market.

Animal Type – France Pet Food Market by Products & Sub-products

In this report we have divided pet food market in 7 products and out of all these 4 products for Cat & Dog food are further divided into 2 sub-products.

1. Premium Food, (Premium Dry Food, Premium Wet Food)
2. Dog/Cat Treats and Mixers (Dog/Cat Mixers, Dog/Cat Treats)
3. Economy Food (Economy Dry Food, Economy Wet Food)
4. Mid-Priced Food (Mid-priced Dry Food, Mid-priced Wet Food)
5. Bird Food
6. Fish Food
7. Small Mammal / Reptile Food

By Distribution Channel – Non-Store Retailing Sector (Online) Market is growing

By distribution channel, we have segmented, Non-Store Retailing (Online), Store-based Retailing, Non-Retail Channels (Veterinary Clinics). In online Japan pet food market pet food market is expanding quicker compared Store-based retailing and Veterinary Clinics.

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Pet Food Product Launched in Japan

Product Claims, Nutritional Component, Flavors, and New Product Examples for Pet food have been investigated in this report. A total of 433 products have also been launched Japan. There were XX new variety/range extensions, XX relaunches, XX new packaging and XX new products; XX products were wet cat food, XX were dry dog food, XX were dry cat food, XX were cat snacks and treats, XX were dog snacks and treats, and XX were wet dog food.

Pet Food Expenditure per Household

This reports provides the detail on Japanese pet food expenditure per household on Dag & Cat pet food and other pet animals.

Company Analysis

This report studies the key initiatives of the following companies Nestle Purnia, Mars Incorporated, Unicharm Corporation, & Royal Canin

Animal Type (Dog, Cat, Others) – Products & Sub-products

• Premium Wet Food

o Premium Dry Food
o Premium Wet Food

• Dog/Cat Treats and Mixers

o Dog/Cat Mixers
o Dog/Cat Treats

• Economy Food

o Economy Dry Food
o Economy Wet Food

• Mid-Priced Food

o Mid-priced Dry Food
o Mid-priced Wet Food

• Other Pet Animal Food

o Bird Food
o Fish Food
o Small Mammal / Reptile Food

By Distribution Channel

• Store-based Retailing
• Non-Store Retailing (Online)
• Non-Retail Channels (Veterinary Clinics)

Pet Food – Product Launched in Japan

• Vitamin E
• Food acids
• Minerals
• Vitamins (food)
• Riboflavin (food)
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin B12
• Choline
• Pantothenic acid (food)
• Vitamin B6
• Protein
• Fat
• Moisture
• Ash
• Energy (kcal)
• Calcium
• Phosphorus

Japan Expenditure on Pet Food per Household

o Dog & Cat Pet Food
o Others Pet Food

Company Analysis

Nestle Purnia
Mars Incorporated
Unicharm Corporation
Royal Canin

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