Disposable Medical Sensors Market and its Growth Prospect in the Near Future

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Disposable Medical Sensors Market Report 2017-2023 by Regions, Applications, Demand with Industry Analysis Like Medtronic, General Electric, Philips, TE Connectivity, Smiths Group, Honeywell.

The key factor driving the disposable medical sensors market is the increasing prevalence of HAIs. These infections are also known as nosocomial infections, meaning that their symptoms weren’t present in the patient at the time of hospital admission. As reported by the World Health Organization, at any given time, the prevalence of HAIs in developed countries varies between 3.5%–12.0%. The prevalence of these infections in low and middle-income countries is higher (5.7%–19.1%) than developed nations, which is leading to the popularity of homecare alternatives.

Another factor contributing to the growth of the disposable medical sensors market is the growing number of diabetics and heart patients. Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of premature death, globally. The rise in the menace of cardiovascular diseases is leading to an increasing demand for devices that measure the respiratory rate, patient activity, fluid levels, temperature, and heart rate. The manufacturers of these devices are now focusing on developing advanced cardiac monitors, continuous glucose-monitoring devices, and continuous blood pressure monitors.

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The application segment of the disposable medical sensors market is classified into imaging, diagnostic, patient monitoring, and therapeutic devices. During the historical period, the diagnostic devices classification led the market and would do so during the forecast period too. But during the forecast period, the imaging devices classification is projected to grow the fastest, owing to the increasing use of complementary metal-on silicon oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors that provide 3D imaging, precision manipulation, and higher resolution.

Therefore, the market for disposable medical sensors is expected to prosper during the forecast period owing to the increasing prevalence of various diseases and popularity of homecare facilities.