Autonomous Mobile Robots Market to Witness a 18.3% CAGR During 2020–2030

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AMRs are robots which utilize sensors and navigation technology to move around the environment without being controlled directly by operators.

The growing demand for automation solutions is a key driving factor for the growth of autonomous mobile robots market globally. This rise in demand for automation solution is because of the lack of labor, growing complexity in manufacturing operations, surging focus on productivity, and high labor cost.

Ascribed to these factors, different industries are making use of AMRs. For example, logistics and warehouses need AMRs for tasks including loading and transportation work. In addition to this, the automotive original equipment manufacturers utilize robots for performing complex assembly processes such as those involving the use of flexible parts. These factors are resulting in the growing demand for AMRs.

AMRs are increasingly being deployed in the agriculture sectors for different applications, which is opening up wide opportunities for the players operating in the domain. With the growing implementation of technology in agriculture applications, farming practices are becoming sophisticated and modernized.

In addition to this, due to the surging population, increasing automation in the agriculture industry, and lack of availability of farm workers, the need for AMRs is in the industry is rising. AMRs can capture crop data in agricultural fields, which aids in predicting the yield of crop and its health.

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Out of these, the logistics sector made the most use of AMRs during 2014–2019, and the largest demand for these devices is further projected to be created by the logistics sector in the coming years. The fastest growth in demand for AMRs is predicted to be registered by the hospitality sector during the forecast period.